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I believe in using design to solve problems.

Design is more than the pretty stuff that engages. It’s more than making an experience memorable, although that stuff is important. Design is the language that brings clarity to communication, adds energy to information, and brings inspiration to audiences. Maybe you’ve never thought about design this way… I’d like to change that for you.

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Oh, hello!

I’m Taylor Dunham. The designer, the voice on the other end of the phone, and the one answering your emails. I believe the best designs come out of close collaboration, which is why you’ll work directly with me - and a short list of specialized team members I might bring in depending on the scope of your project. Together, we form an amazing team, dedicated to making your project incredible.

Design is actually about the needs of real people. Together, we bring a human perspective to the problems we solve, using custom crafted design to bridge gaps and unite people around a common understanding, goal, and inspiration.

Sound like the approach you're looking for?

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A wee bit about me

Grew up in Texas

Complete with horses, chickens, goats and home grown vegetables. (We even had indoor plumbing!)

Went to school in Ohio

I have a BFA in Photography and Graphic Design (and an almost-minor in Spanish).

Moved to NYC for magazine design

After interning with Good Housekeeping Magazine (Hearst), I worked as a designer for Family Circle (Meredith Corporation) and then as an Interactive Designer for Meredith Integrated Marketing, where Kraft Foods was my client.

Left corporate design

After freelancing on the side for years, I realized I wanted to do my own thing full-time. In a clarifying moment, I realized I was climbing a ladder to a corporate job I didn’t really want. I needed to do something different. This shift led to some big changes - and a little fear at times too. It’s been an incredible journey, and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

Curated connections with creatives

I’ve networked like crazy, made a lot of mistakes, and discovered my innate desire to connect with people to solve problems. Fueled by creative challenges, I’ve built a network of creatives. Together we cultivate solutions that are so much more than any of us visualized prior to our work together.

Driven by much more than paying rent

I love what I do. This work is so much more than just making a buck. Together, we make the world a better place by partnering with our clients in the meaningful work they love. Pretty inspiring, isn’t it?

Motivated by more than money?

Let's work together.