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Design is the solution.

Design has the power to pull people closer, guiding them visually so they can easily engage with your brand. It replaces confusion with clarity and brings understanding to those who encounter your work.

Taylor Dunham Design – Design For Good Stamp

Design is a tool. Let’s use it to solve problems in your business.

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Struggling to engage your audience and expand your impact in the world? Design is the solution.

Unsure how to share the importance of your work, the heart of your mission, the value you create in the world? The answer is design.

Case Studies

CURA Brazil

Bringing visibility to the need for care, respect, and love.
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CURA Brazil uses a rebrand and new website to increase visibility and recruit volunteers, allowing them to impact more people with the power of their mission.

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The Culture Conference

Attracting the right audience by telling a credible story
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The Culture Conference built a compelling visual story around their mission, setting the stage for expanded impact for years to come.

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Creating an environment of trust and engagement
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Through a collaborative approach to website strategy, Give2Asia transformed the way they engage clients and serve their community.

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Responsive Conference

Using brand strategy to transform an online movement into a high-impact event.
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Effective brand strategy allowed The Responsive Conference to engage event participants visually and conceptually for maximum impact.

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People & Projects

American Heart Association
Event Branding and Environmental Design for the GRFW Red Dress Collection
24 Hour Fitness / 24Life
Media Kit and Social Media Design
The New York Times
3 Years of Event Design for the Higher Education Leadership Forum
TEDx L'Oréal
Event Branding and Environmental Design
24 Hour Fitness
Branding for Ninja Flow, a Fitness Format by 24HF + The Genome Project
Infographic Illustration and Presentation Design
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