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Creating an environment of trust and engagement


Difficult navigation, lack of clear messaging, and cluttered design resulted in wasted time, lost prestige, and limited ability to engage clients and drive donations.


Beautiful design and intuitive navigation allows Give2Asia to share its mission transparently and create an atmosphere of trust and engagement between donors and the organizations they support.

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web strategy

web design

Web development

in partnership with GruffyGoat


Give2Asia strengthens communities throughout the Asia Pacific region by building trusted networks for charitable investment. By sharing the local context and impact of giving, Give2Asia builds long-term connections between donors and programs addressing critical issues such as healthcare, education, livelihood, and the environment in Asia.

This mission of trust and engagement requires a robust web presence with enhanced organizational and language translation functionality. The current site was simply not meeting these needs, and was in fact a limiting factor. Give2Asia decided to reimagine their web presence and build a new site to better serve their community.

Give2Asia website wireframes
Give2Asia Website style guide

collaborative design process

Together, we explored design options and looked for innovative ways to solve the organizational and communication challenges faced by Give2Asia. This collaborative design approach allowed us to identify the best solutions to build trust and engagement.

Give2Asia Web designs

our image is transformed

“The results of this work have been very positive and we circulate our webpage much more proudly than we did before. The improved site structure allows us to focus on quality content. Taylor went above and beyond to give us beautiful options and a great feel for our site.”

sibel guner
sr marketing associate

Give2Asia Mobile Web designs
infographic showing percentage of donations across multiple categories
Give2Asia web designs
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