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Attracting the right audience by telling a credible story.


The Culture Conference had big gaps to bridge in order to get high level leaders to attend the inaugural event. Jenny Sauer-Klein knew investing in branding was key to creating legitimacy and credibility in the marketplace.


Together we created a brand and a library of materials - digital and tangible - that successfully engaged the audience and brought Jenny’s vision to life. These resources became the visual foundation that will continue to carry The Culture Conference well into the future.

My Role

Brand Strategy

Event Design

Pitch Decks

Printed Materials / Collateral

Digital Graphics


The Culture Conference project began with strategy.  We crafted a vision for the event that increased the overall impact of design. We then prioritized our work with  a clear project timeline to keep everything on schedule as the event deadline approached. This collaborative process allowed Jenny to influence the design in a way that felt meaningful, resulting in a beautifully executed brand that captured her vision for the event.

The brand elements created for this first conference required only minor tweaks in subsequent years, creating a consistent brand that built credibility over time, and  provided  an ongoing return on the initial investment. Together we built  a compelling visual story around the mission of The Culture Conference, setting the stage for expanded impact for years to come.

3 women and 1 man on stage during a panel discussion

design created an immersive, cohesive world

“Together we created a cohesive and congruent world. I gained a lot more respect for branding and the power of that consistency to create an instant world for people. As a first time event, branding helped everyone get oriented and feel they were a part of something real and meaningful. Taylor's work helped them feel connected to the culture of the event and sink their teeth into the experience.”

Jenny Sauer-Klein

Culture Conference business cards
2 women on stage during a Q&A session
Culture Conference web mockups and social media graphics


Sponsorship and speaker pitch decks were created to recruit sponsors, in-kind partners, and speakers. These decks gave The Culture Conference the credibility to source funding, create excitement, and ensure the success of the event.

Culture Conference sponshorship deck

investment created opportunity

“My initial investment in year one paid off in subsequent years, partially because of the cost savings of only needing minor tweaks from year to year, and partially because of the energy savings. I’ve had people come and ask about collaboration ...and part of what they are excited about are the branded elements which feel accessible to them and something they want to be a part of - elegant and warm.”

Jenny Sauer-Klein

Culture Conference Posters
culture conference program

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