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Using brand strategy to transform an online movement into a high-impact event.


Building upon basic brand elements to capture the potential, energy, and vitality of a movement to create a visually and conceptually immersive event.


Through an engaging and collaborative process, we created a comprehensive brand strategy for The Responsive Conference. We implemented this strategy across all aspects of brand design, creating a highly impactful environment for participants.

My Role

Brand Strategy

Event Design

Pitch Decks

Printed Materials / Collateral

Digital Graphics


The Responsive Conference was built around the concept and culture of responsive organizations. Robin Zander recognized the potential of the online responsive movement and sought to expand the impact of these ideas with a high-impact event.

Brand strategy was crucial to the success of the conference. The original movement had a few foundational brand elements, but lacked the strong aesthetic needed for an event of this magnitude. Additionally, the team needed the leadership of an experienced designer to guide them through the process of creating the collateral needed to engage presentersand community partners and create an engaging atmosphere for participants.

responsive conference partnership deck design


Using a clear and collaborative process, we crafted brand strategy based on a deep understanding of event objectives. The project timeline eliminated stress and uncertainty, allowing ample creative exploration and feedback. The results were stunningly beautiful and effective.

responsive conference program design

confidence & ease

“Working with Taylor is a joy. Her professionalism and clear communication creates ease in the process. I have confidence in the outcome of her work, knowing it will serve my business needs and look beautiful. There’s an ease in knowing Taylor will stop at nothing to make sure the work she creates is both beautiful and functional - that it solves a problem we actually experience. Beautiful work, low drama. That combination is a powerhouse.”

robin zander
executive director

Photo of the Responsive Conference Main Stage, with branded screen design and sigange
photo of the printed rogram
responsive conference social graphics and screen designs
people standing n a circle during a workshop at the conference

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