the main stage at the New York Times event

the new york times
Higher ed leaders forum

Bringing Thought Leaders Together in an Environment of Exploration


Creating a setting for deep discussion, impactful dialogue, and spirited debate among a group of respected international leaders and academics.


Thoughtful branding combined with attention to even the most subtle design detail created a calm, engaging backdrop for an exploration of the important issues we face.

My Role

art direction
Event design
Printed materials / collateral


Exploring complex issues from our nation’s colleges and universities - from student success and free speech to diversity and new technologies - the NYT Higher Ed Leaders Forum gathers influential leaders in higher education to uncover innovative solutions. The event includes provocative onstage debates, revealing interviews and collaborative breakout sessions designed to uncover ways to better navigate the leadership challenges faced by today’s presidents, chancellors, and provosts. 


The design challenges presented by an event of this scope included creating an atmosphere of engagement across a variety of settings while using design elements to subtly enhance the experience of participants and lend meaning to the event itself. Due to the significance of the event, we also took care to ensure design elements were media friendly, translating visually on camera, in print, and in a live setting.

Michael Bloomberg speaking, with the event logo behind him
event credentials

design process driven by cohesive branding

This large scale, international event required extensive collaboration between the New York Times and the Ray Bloch Productions team. Cohesive branding for this event meant building upon the existing logo to create a unique visual brand within the existing New York Times brand scheme. Drawing on our success in past years, we were able to present this professional, highly educated audience with a subtle brand approach to enhance the discussions at the center of the event.

Tall Wayfinding Signage
Lunch and Dinner Menu Designs
Group of Leaders speaking on-stage

fresh and relevant

"Taylor’s approach begins with understanding the client’s brand aesthetic. She has an uncanny ability to digest this quickly and then somehow create fresh, relevant designs in which the clients see themselves but in new and exciting ways. In other words, she pushes boundaries while respecting and celebrating the unique integrity of each brand. "

Jennifer wollerman
GM, Ray Bloch Productions

Table-card and Place-card designs

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